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Industry terms / Acronyms / Jargon

Capable of being used by people with physical challenges and disabilities.
A block booking of hotel rooms or airline seats.
In room gift.
AV (Audio Visual): 
 Eg: Data projector, screen, sound systems, video, staging, and lighting.
Back of House
Area of a hotel separated from guest areas, containing administrative offices, kitchens etc)
A block booking of hotel rooms or conference / event space.
Banquet Event Order (BEO)
A term used by hotels and venues.  A Banquet Event Order will contain all details concerning your event (set up, menu options, AV requirements etc)
BB (Bed & Breakfast)
A package including accommodation and breakfast.
DBB (Dinner, Bed & Breakfast)
A package including accommodation, dinner and breakfast.
C&E (Conference & Events)
Connecting rooms
Hotel rooms with an internal connecting door.
Each guest in food and beverage.
Individuals attending a conference or event.
DCP (Day Conference Package)
A standard package including all components of your day conference (Morning tea / lunch / afternoon tea / room hire / AV (sometimes).
(Expected time of arrival)
(Fully Independent Traveller)
(Food & Beverage)
Free of charge / Complimentary.
FOH (Front of house)
Reception, Concierge, and Porters.
Familirisation (Famil)
Designed to acquaint visiting media, operators, agents or bookers with product.
Group rate
Negotiated hotel rate for a convention, trade show, meeting, tour or incentive group.
Incentive travel is a trip offered as a prize or reward, particularly to stimulate the productivity of employees or sales agents.
The stock of accommodation or conference rooms.
Loyalty programme
A programme rewarding frequent travellers with points or rewards.
No Show
A guest with a confirmed reservation who fails to arrive.
Rack rate
The standard published rate for a room in a hotel or resort before any discounts are applied.
Signing up for the conference.  You register online, then register in person once you are on site.
Site Inspection
An educational walk around of a hotel or venue.

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